Meet two ladies who were each cruelly betrayed by their lovers. What did they do next? Of course, they took a trip to their local pharmacy to buy a packet of deadly poison. Ever so cheap, less than six old pennies. Welcome to the true tales of two ladies in Victorian England with one word […]

Why do people believe in conspiracy theories, and what is the real evidence to support them? Speaker Andy Thomas uncovers a compelling alternative history as told by those who question the establishment view, finding repeating patterns of intrigue from the Roman Empire, the Gunpowder Plot and the World Wars to JFK, Watergate, the NASA missions, […]

Speaker Helen Poole is a historian and archaeologist. She has many interesting talks on a variety of subjects, but her great interest is in Anne of Cleves. Anne was Henry VIII’s fourth wife, briefly.  She agreed to an annulment and remained in England for the rest of her life. She was referred to as the […]